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1980s inspired sunglasses

We took a leaf out of the 1980s and didn't hold back when it comes to colour in our new range of shades. From our pink Poppy, to green Sprout, matte black Titanium, purple Grape and our irridescent Ice shades.

They are perfect protection from the sun for your children. We've had babies rocking them, all the way up to teens. They fit perfectly.

All of our sunglasses are UV 400 which protects the eye from exposure to UVA and UVB rays. UV 400 protected glasses can block light rays as small as 400 nanometres. This means that anywhere from 99 to 100 % of the sun's harmful rays is kept away from the eyes. 

Dimensions: 14cm * 4cm * 4cm


Moody Jude is the newest kid on the block. We are specialising in accessories to make you stand out in the crowd. While we're starting with sunglasses, we've got big plans on the way. We want you to be part of the family. Check out our other items. Like us on Facebook or become part of our robust Instagram followers. Any photos wearing our gear make sure you #moodyjude it for us to see and share.

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