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Guest blog - Maz from Grunge N Punk Baby

I feel like my IG business is an evolving extension of my interest in different mediums.

Grunge N Punk Baby bowlicious babe Emma WiggleHaving a place where I can gauge reactions and responses to fabric that I have hand printed from paper cut stencils is amazing. Or seeing customers wearing my hand cut and screenprinted designs on tees and hand sewn clothing is my motivation and inspiration. I do not like to be limited to sewing. I love sewing do not get me wrong. I use sewing as the vessel to create from hand drawn patterns. I have not to date bought or downloaded any ones else's patterns. So all my patterns start out Valli size (my daughter and guinea pig) and are sized up accordingly. I love the process of taking an idea, creating a hand drawn pattern and then cutting the fabric. You can check out their products HERE.

Grunge N Punk Baby guest blogMy goal in 2017 is to use only my own handprinted fabric for all my handmade products. I also want to print tees for adults and children. Designing for the 5 to 12 year old demographic is also a big focus. Custom and bespoke designs are my passion. Having someone tell me or show me what they want to have screenprinted or created is exciting. I am also gearing up to trial making and dying my own felt for creating felt accessories.

Organic growth of my business is also a focus. Genuine followers who are customers and friends. It's easy to be motivated by big follower numbers but let's face it, looking good with 10K followers or having 2K (fingers crossed) and interacting with people daily as customers and genuine lovers of what I do creatively, is more important to me. Check out Grunge N Punk Baby on Instagram HERE.

Grunge N Punk Baby owner Maz and daughter ValliIG is a brutal little beast, based on algorithms and popularity  (give me those likes and 3 word comments people please!). Oh and now you can also like comments so do that too! But for me my IG business is based on a close group of reps (called Grungies) who are now people I consider friends, and a platform to support and promote other Mums in small business. Most of my reps are the children of other IG business mummas and their insight and input is something money cannot buy.

Grunge N Punk Baby is one year on and contributing to the mortgage and bills for which I am forever grateful as it's allowing me to be home with my almost 2 year old and around more for my 3 older boys. It's undergone changes and rebranding and it's a true reflection of me and my capabilities creatively. So stay tuned, watch this space and let's see what 2017 allows me to achieve as I truly believe in this quote:

"I am only limited by my own imagination"

- Benny Bellamacina

Much love and light,
- Maz

Grunge N Punk Baby pink unicorn shirt    Grunge N Punk Baby shirt