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Guest blog - Bek from Sack-It Custom Made


Day 1. Day 1 of no baby. Day 1 of work. Day 1 of no alarm. Day 1 of public transport. It is day one of being back to my ‘real’ job. I am sitting here (yes I am writing my blog entry at work) because you all know what the first day back is like!!! I have had 13 months off on maternity leave. I left a full time career job working as an intelligence analyst with a government organisation. After studying Criminology for almost 7 years, part-time with full-time work, I commenced my current career in 2012. Prior to this, I worked in corporate law for ten plus years. I have always been career driven and am a proud, hard worker. It was such a difficult time for me transforming into Mum and now I have made that transition, and am happy with where I am at…. here comes another change!

Sack It Custom Made blog

Bek with baby Finley.

My baby boy Finley was born on January 12, 2016 at Frances Perry House in Melbourne. We had a very simple and straight forward pregnancy really up until the last few weeks. I was in and out of the OB’s rooms and off to have scans all the time for those last couple of weeks. Nothing serious, just monitoring. And then Fin decided he wasn’t ready. So 6 days past my due date, I was induced. And OMG induction – let’s not go there for the sake of others who may experience it – but let’s just say once it gets going, it gets going!!! So Finley came into our world, and has it changed us. Yes. I am no longer a career driven, hard-working member of staff. I am a Mum. First and foremost, whether I like it or not, I am MUM.

So today, sitting here tap tap tapping away, I am thinking about Fin and all the things we have done in the last twelve or so months together. Sack It Custom Made owner BekHe has just started crawling, and looks like he may walk soon too. He has developed a cheeky and fun personality that makes me smile as much as he gets me frustrated sometimes too. I have orders to make and pack at home. I have programs and systems to re-learn here. And a poor husband who is at home taking care of Fin today, who unfortunately probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Without him, we would not be.But I am also a small business owner. Because you know, overachiever and all! I started up my small business sack-it custom made (Instagram @sack_it) to keep me busy and to hopefully gain a little bit of income whilst on maternity leave. Yet another “change”, and also a fairly large challenge with a young baby. It has been an eye opener and I feel like I have now done so much and achieved a lot career wise, business wise, family wise. I feel like I am kicking goals and am proud! But oh my, I am busy, oh so busy!

Sack It Custom Made productI do love being Mum to Finley, but today I am loving being a worker. I am not just washing, cleaning, feeding, cooking, sewing, packing, sleeping, walking, tired zombie Mum. I am a Senior Strategic Intelligence Analyst who is having adult conversations…. albeit about Finley of course!
To those who are scared to return to work, don’t be. To those who are scared to start something new, don’t be. It is just another change to go through. Eventually I am sure all of these different personas and different hats we wear will match up and make one awesome kick arse person who is not defined by what they do, but by who they are.

- Love Bek



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